Towards understanding human locomotion

Horst-Moritz Maus

Towards understanding human locomotion

Autor: Horst-Moritz Maus

ISBN: 978-3-86360-054-9

Seitenzahl: 159

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2013


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Human locomotion is part of our everyday life, however the mechanisms are not well enough understood to be transferred into technical devices like orthoses, protheses or humanoid robots. In biomechanics often minimalistic so-called template models are used to describe locomotion. While these abstract models in principle offer a language to describe both human behavior and technical control input, the relation between human locomotion and locomotion of these templates was long unclear. This thesis focusses on how human locomotion can be described and analyzed using template models. Often, human running is described using the SLIP template. Here, it is shown that SLIP (possibly equipped with any controller) cannot show human-like disturbance reactions, and an appropriate extension of SLIP is proposed. Further, a new template to describe postural stabilization is proposed. Summarizing, this theses shows how simple template models can be used to enhance the understanding of human gait.

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