Jens Kürsten

A Generic Approach to Component-Level Evaluation in Information Retrieval

Autor: Jens Kürsten

ISBN: 978-3-941003-68-2

Seitenzahl: 396

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2012


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Research in information retrieval deals with the theories and models that constitute the foundations for any kind of service that provides access or pointers to particular elements of a collection of documents in response to a submitted information need. The specific field of information retrieval evaluation is concerned with the critical assessment of the quality of search systems. Empirical evaluation based on the Cranfield paradigm using a specific collection of test queries in combination with relevance assessments in a laboratory environment is the classic approach to compare the impact of retrieval systems and their underlying models on retrieval effectiveness. In the past two decades international campaigns, like the Text Retrieval Conference, have led to huge advances in the design of experimental information retrieval evaluations. But in general the focus of this system-driven paradigm remained on the comparison of system results, i.e. retrieval systems are treated as black boxes. This approach to the evaluation of retrieval system has been criticised for treating systems as black boxes. Recent works on this subject have proposed the study of the system configurations and their individual components. This thesis proposes a generic approach to the evaluation of retrieval systems at the component-level. The focus of the thesis at hand is on the key components that are needed to address typical ad-hoc search tasks, like finding books on a particular topic in a large set of library records. A central approach in this work is the further development of the Xtrieval framework by the integration of widely-used IR toolkits in order to eliminate the limitations of individual tools. Strong empirical results at international campaigns that provided various types of evaluation tasks confirm both the validity of this approach and the flexibility of the Xtrieval framework. Modern information retrieval systems contain various components that are important for solving particular subtasks of the retrieval process. This thesis illustrates the detailed analysis of important system components needed to address ad-hoc retrieval tasks. Here, the design and implementation of the Xtrieval framework offers a variety of approaches for flexible system configurations. Xtrieval has been designed as an open system and allows the integration of further components and tools as well as addressing search tasks other than ad-hoc retrieval. This approach ensures that it is possible to conduct automated component-level evaluation of retrieval approaches. Both the scale and impact of these possibilities for the evaluation of retrieval systems are demonstrated by the design of an empirical experiment that covers more than 13,000 individual system configurations. This experimental set-up is tested on four test collections for ad-hoc search. The results of this experiment are manifold. For instance, particular implementations of ranking models fail systematically on all tested collections. The exploratory analysis of the ranking models empirically confirms the relationships between different implementations of models that share theoretical foundations. The obtained results also suggest that the impact on retrieval effectiveness of most instances of IR system components depends on the test collections that are being used for evaluation. Due to the scale of the designed component-level evaluation experiment, not all possible interactions of the system component under examination could be analysed in this work. For this reason the resulting data set will be made publicly available to the entire research community.

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