Huojin Xiong

Clustering in the Field of Vocational Education

Autor: Huojin Xiong

ISBN: 978-3-941003-86-6

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2013


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This dissertation applies comparative methods to make analyses on some selected implementation modes of clustering in the field of vocational education in China. Based on the structural, hierarchical and functional aspects of the theory of system, and also in consideration of the social economical and educational features of clustering in the field of vocational education, Porter’s theory and its amended models, theory of human capital and theory of education are reviewed for the choice of comparative criteria. On the basis of the available information, some representative implementation models are selected from Henan (province, South China), Shanghai (provincial level city, East China), Hainan (province, Central China), Yongchuan (prefectural level city, West China) and Yantai (Prefectural level city, North China). All the experiences from these areas are grouped and compared in two categories according to their features: professional clustering and regional clustering. And comparative analyses are made in reference to the above-mentioned three criteria. In consideration of the problems revealed in the implementation models, some international experiences are referred as examples in some practical aspects, such as of how to connect factors for clustering, of how to assist the clustering to live through its whole lifespan, and of how to get enterprises involved. Furthermore, some suggestions for future development of clustering are also made from theoretical point of view.

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