Anja Pölck

Small TCBs of Policy-controlled Operating Systems

Autor: Anja Pölck

ISBN: 978-3-86360-090-7

Seitenzahl: 249

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2014


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Policy-controlled operating systems provide a policy decision and enforcement environment to protect and enforce their security policies. The trusted computing base (TCB) of these systems are large and complex, and their functional perimeter can hardly be precisely identified. As a result, a TCB's correctness and tamper-proofness are hard to ensure in its implementation. This dissertation develops a TCB engineering method for policy-controlled operating systems that tailors the policy decision and enforcement environment to support only those policies that are actually present in a TCB. A TCB's functional perimeter is identified by exploiting causal dependencies between policies and TCB functions, which results in causal TCBs that contain exactly those functions that are necessary to establish, enforce, and protect their policies. The precise identification of a TCB's functional perimeter allows for implementing a TCB in a safe environment that indeed can be isolated from untrusted system components. Thereby, causal TCB engineering sets the course for implementations whose size and complexity pave the way for analyzing and verifying a TCB's correctness and tamper-proofness.

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