Michael Pippig

Massively Parallel, Fast Fourier Transforms and Particle-Mesh Methods

Autor: Michael Pippig

ISBN: 978-3-944640-76-1

Seitenzahl: 159

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2016


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Produktinformationen "Massively Parallel, Fast Fourier Transforms and Particle-Mesh Methods"

The present thesis provides a modularized view on the structure of fast numerical methods for computing Coulomb interactions between charged particles in three-dimensional space. Thereby, the common structure is given in terms of three self-contained algorithmic frameworks that are built on top of each other, namely fast Fourier transform (FFT), nonequispaced fast Fourier transform (NFFT) and NFFT based particle-mesh methods (P²NFFT). For each of these frameworks algorithmic enhancement and parallel implementations are presented with special emphasis on scalability up to hundreds of thousands of parallel processes. In the context of FFT massively parallel algorithms are composed from hardware adaptive low level modules provided by the FFTW software library. The new algorithmic NFFT concepts include pruned NFFT, interlacing, analytic differentiation, and optimized deconvolution in Fourier space with respect to a mean square aliasing error. Enabled by these generalized concepts it is shown that NFFT provides a unified access to particle-mesh methods. Especially, mixed-periodic boundary conditions are handled in a consistent way and interlacing can be incorporated more efficiently. Heuristic approaches for parameter tuning are presented on the basis of thorough error estimates.

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