Alexey Tschudnowsky

End-User Development of Web-based Decision Support Systems

Autor: Alexey Tschudnowsky

ISBN: 978-3-96100-014-2

Erscheinungsdatum: 12.06.2017


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Today's decision makers face the challenge of analyzing higher volume of data in ever shorter periods of time. Demand for technology that can efficiently assist systematic data analysis is constantly growing. However, increasing time-pressure, evolving requirements and limited budgets make development of dedicated software solutions difficult. This thesis proposes an approach for time- and cost-efficient development of decision support systems called WebComposition for End-User Development. Its goal is to empower and to assist decision makers in constructing their own case-specific solutions. A systematic development process and accompanying assistance mechanisms are presented. Applicability and usability of the concepts are demonstrated in the context of several user studies. The thesis concludes with discussion of findings and derives ideas for future research in the area.

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