Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Popularis I

Gisa Jähnichen Timkehet Teffera

Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Popularis I

Autor: Timkehet Teffera, Gisa Jähnichen

ISBN: 978-3-96163-071-4

Seitenzahl: 378

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2009


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Produktinformationen "Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Popularis I"

The New Series of the ICTM Study Group Journal STUDIA INSTURMENTORUM MUSICAE POPULARIS starts with a broad overview on the topics “Percussion” and “Migration of Musical Instruments”, an outcome of the 17th Meeting of the Study Group on Folk Musical Instruments, held in Erkner near Berlin from April 1-4, 2009. 25 scholars from 15 countries contributed articles to the volume, which appear in their alphabetical order due to the fact that clear borders cannot and should not be delineated. Moreover, the editors leave it to the readers’ community to discuss hierarchies regarding their importance or their qualitative refinement for discussion and further improvements are the main aim of the publication. Since 1969, when the Musikhistoriska museet in Stockholm has published its first volume of the journal, edited by Erich Stockmann, many fields of organological research have changed their methodological repertoire, their interdisciplinary tools and especially their non-instrumental focus on complex subjects. Nevertheless, classical working methods are still highly esteemed as a basic precondition for detailed discoveries using modern technology and external expertise. The volume comprises papers of authors, who already contributed to the journal’s former series in their youth, as well as those of authors with their first journal publication, who are just starting to explore their scientific scope. Thus this volume brings together generations of scholars with different experiences and their open minded curiosity about each other. Challenging discussions and a wide field of interdisciplinary connections enriched their outcomes and will help to create new scientific spaces beyond the tangibility of musical instruments and the intangibility of musical sound. The editor Gisa Jähnichen is professor for ethnomusicology, comparative musicology and audiovisual archiving at the Music Department of the Faculty for Human Ecology at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Since 1994, she is an active member of the Study Group of Folk Musical Instruments in the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM/UNESCO). Organology is one of her main research subjects.

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