Nina Bär

Human-Computer Interaction And Online Users’ Trust

Autor: Nina Bär

ISBN: 978-3-944640-24-2

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2014


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Users’ trust in online situations is influenced by various characteristics of human-computer interaction. Looking at the increasing scope of services online, it remains an up-to-date issue, expanding its meaning for both informational and transactional websites. In this work, the Scale for Online Users’ Trust (SCOUT) was developed to assess the trustworthiness of both types of websites. Based on the scale, the effects of user experience on users’ trust were examined in several studies. For informational websites, hedonic qualities appeared to be significant predictors of trustworthiness in addition to usability. The effects could be confirmed for transactional websites. Furthermore, perceptions of security aspects were investigated in a set of studies. The effects of customer ratings, fictitious graphical elements, web assurance seals and interactive security-related feedback on users’ trust were analyzed. Findings from all together 11 studies of this work allow for inferences for website design that could support academics and practitioners in designing for trustworthy web environments.

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