Thomas Basler

Ruggedness of High-Voltage IGBTs and Protection Solutions

Autor: Thomas Basler

ISBN: 978-3-944640-21-1

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2014


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IGBTs are today’s most important power-semiconductor switches in the field of medium and high power ranges. The good controllability of this device with a voltage source is advantageous. The following work investigates the IGBT at short-circuit and surge-current condition. A particular focus is put on the IGBT’s feedback on the gate-control circuit. Special modes during the short circuit are measured and explained. For example the self-turn-off mechanism during short circuit and the collector-emitter voltage-clamping capability during fast short-circuit turn-off. Measurements are done at high-voltage IGBT chips and press-pack devices. The complete IGBT output characteristic up to the breakdown point is measured. Additionally, the short circuit is investigated at the parallel and series connection of IGBTs. Supporting semiconductor simulations of a high-voltage IGBT model, that was specially constructed for this work, analyse the internal behaviour during the mentioned conditions. The impact of different IGBT designs on the short-circuit ruggedness and breakdown behaviour is shown. Solutions for protecting the device from destruction during overload condition are presented. Measurements and simulations explain the surge-current capability of an IGBT and demonstrate the benefit for the application.

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